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November 2017 Tips

  • - Finish all fall clean up chores and especially leaf raking,
    as it helps against bugs and diseases.

  • - Cut Asparagus fronds after the frost, as they may harbor pests.
    Adding lime is good this time of year for these.

  • - Put several inches of mulch over Parsnips, Garlic, Shallots and Strawberries.

  • - Sharpen and oil those tools for spring!

  • - Christmas Cactus need even amounts of darkness and light until
    their buds form. They also love consistently cool temperatures.


December 2017 Tips

  • After the ground has frozen in the Fall:

  • - For each rose plant form a 6 to 8 inch mound of fresh, loose soil or compost around the base.

  • - In the spring when you observe the beginnings of new growth, carefully remove the soil mounds.

  • - At this time you should also cut back your rose plants.

  • - Remove all but the 3 strongest canes and then cut those back to 18 inches.